Wednesday 4 September 2019

Group Breaking my Way to the National - Part 2

Off to the baseball today, since the best cards of the break(s) were basketball, so I'm building to the main event. Today, cards from a mix of Panini releases.
As I implied yesterday, this was a very California break, as the randomizer landed me the Angels, the Padres and the Giants. I'm not scanning everything, but will hit the highlights. Diamond Kings of Ohtani? That's a highlight.
These were the inserts from the base heavy sets. I imagine that Illumination insert would look even better in the silver Prizm form.
Speaking of shiny cards, here's some!
And some more! These three are Pink Velocity parallels, all numbered out of /199.
This one scanned horribly, but it is another parallel. Specifically, this is a 'We The People' parallel, numbered to a very appropriate 76. It is really hard to see, but it has a bronze border, with We The People written it. This seemed like a better idea in theory than when actually appeared in card format, but it does look a little more legible in hand.
A set so Immaculate. even the base cards are /99 and include a jersey swatch!
Now that's an immaculate looking card! The only problem is trying to discern what those patches are from. It is a little too soft feeling to be a patch from the jersey. That's obviously part of the halo on top, though. Hat swatch? Anyhow, that's my first eye-black auto, so at least there's that.
I know the perfect home for this nice, shiny, Tatis auto!
After sharing a pair of Tatis autos so far, I might as well keep one of them. This hits a few nice pieces of card oddness that I like - the autograph is inked in a colour you don't see a lot of (much like with the Fletcher eye black, probably my first red ink auto) and a couple of interesting swatches. If not for the Reese McGuire from a personal box, this would also have been my first 'lace' relic.
Here's a  relic from the baseball portion of the silver packs. For all the plain white swatches available, that might have been a better choice here to break up the darkness of the design.
It was the parallels that were the most interesting, since there was that low-numbered /10 Trout as part of them. That's a Pyramids parallel. Rainbow Spokes makes their second straight appearance in a post, this time with George Brett. Finally, there's Don Mattingly. That parallel set is named 'magnetic fur'.

Magnetic fur. Words fail me.

But I can at least promise basketball goodies in the next post!

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  1. Some nice looking cards there. Thanks for thinking of me with that Tatis!