Monday 30 September 2019

Post-Season 2/14s

With the regular season over, and a day with no baseball on the TV, it seems like a good day to show off the baseball additions to the 2/14 collection that arrived in the latest COMC mailer.
Here's the only newcomer to the collection. It is perfect that someone with the last name of 'Love' is now a member of the collection. And you know he has uttered the phrase "Call me Sly", at least once.
I'm on a minor league kick to start this post off, so let's continue this with not-the-pitcher Barry Jones, and the short-lived independent Abilene Prairie Dogs. This is my 6th card of Jones, all of which are minor league issues.
Another minor league card, but Sanchez is the first of the players today to receive major league cards. He totals 7 at this point.
Do Bowman cards of players who have yet to reach the bigs count as minor league ones? Ryan McKenna is climbing the system for the Orioles, and finally made it into the Topps minor league releases this year. He also landed some autos in Bowman, and I really should be adding some of those to my collection. He's now at 5 cards.
A pair of cards of former Reds farmhand (and Canadian) Philippe Valiquette doubles his total in the collection. Both of these are /500.
But that printing plate of Damaso Marte has a slightly lower print run than those Valiquettes. Not only is it a 1/1, but it is surprisingly my first numbered parallel of his in my collection. That's no way to treat someone who is a perfect match to myself, not only being a 2/14 baby, but also matching with the year.
Here's my first 1993 card with one of those Marlins/Rockies inaugural season stamps. Scott Scudder jumps into the 30s with 31 cards after adding these two.
And here's the big winner in terms of volume. Larry Milbourne now stands at 26 cards in the collection with these. The bottom two cards are regular-issue base cards, both of which I was surprised I didn't have.  The top 3 are Tiffany cards!

There you have it!

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