Sunday 8 September 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 23.2 - Trigger Warning

I never thought I'd have to put a trigger warning on a post, but such is life. If the sexual abuse of children is something that triggers you, you don't want to read this post. Seriously, press the back button.
2015 SPX - Adam Henrique - This starts with a card from SPX's last year with low end base cards.
2012 BTP - Roberto Luongo
2014 Player of the Day - Jacob Trouba - And both sides contain an Ann Arbor-bound card.
1990 UD - Claude Loiselle
1990 UD - Joe Mullen
1990 UD - Mike Tomlak
1990 UD - Guy Carbonneau
1994 Premier Gold - Richard Smehlik - Parallels rarely surface in these.
1998 UD - Joe Juneau
1998 Choice - Keith Primeau
1991 Pro Set - Dirk Graham
1995 Topps - Mariusz Czerkawski
1991 OPC - Bob Bassen
1993 UD - Thomas Grönman - If the manufacturers cared enough to use an umlaut, then so will I. And I'll scan the card too.
1994 Donruss - Pat Falloon
1995 Choice - Paul Coffey - A card for the Rangers alum collection.
2007 ITG - Cody Franson
2007 ITG BTP - Josh Unice - And a far more obvious card for it.
2000 ITG H&P - Jeremy Roenick
2000 ITG H&P - Greg Classen
1990 Bowman - Carey Wilson
1990 Bowman - Ed Olczyk
1990 Bowman - Alan Kerr
1990 UD - Brendan Shanahan
1994 SP - Mike McBain - And this is where this post will go off the rails.

I was going to make some sort of Simpsons reference here and move on, but I was curious what this player had done professionally since this was a Team Canada card. And one of the photos on the first page has him in a suit.

That looks like an obvious courtroom situation...


That URL includes the words 'molesting stepdaughter'. And this paragraph:

"According to the report, as a coach, McBain noticed the victim had a crush on a Wranglers player, Jason Krischuk, who has played for the team off and on since 2006, including filling in for an injured player last season. Police believe McBain created a false email account and used it to contact the victim. He would also text her, send lewd photographs and ask about their sexual encounters under the guise of being Krischuk, the report shows."




And he's been paroled earlier this year. But, since he's a registered sex offender, you can find his address on the registry. Just in case you want to send a TTM request. I have no clue why you'd want to do that, but hey, you probably can keep it with your collection of restraining orders.

Let's just move on from this with some cards featuring people that, unless they're serial killers, are less vile human beings.

1990 Score - Doug Gilmour
1998 Pacific - Tim Taylor
1989 OPC - Randy Carlyle
1991 Pro Set - Brian Skrudland
1992 OPC - Tim Cheveldae
1993 Classic - Daniel Guerard - A Sens card. That's one way to get a bad taste from my mouth.
1993 Premier - Mike Craig
1993 Leaf - Chris Gratton
1991 Score - Pete Peeters

1996 UD - Shayne Corson - Much like with baseball, UD would game date their photos at the time.
1993 Stadium Club - Tim Sweeney
1991 UD - Craig Wolanin - A Rangers alum, en francais nonetheless!
2008 UD - Jay Bouwneester

2016 UD - Tyler Johnson -  And that's it.

The less said while wrapping up this portion the better.


  1. Damn. This post took a dark turn. I won't be able to look at another 94/95 SP Premier Prospects card without remembering this sex offender.

  2. Never heard of Mike McBain before this, which I guess is a good thing.

    Other than that you've got some great 90's stuff mixed in there. That 96-97 UD design is one of my favorites from around that time.