Sunday 7 January 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 2: Touching the Stove Again


The first of these let's give it another go around. The pack make-up was the same this time, so no need to scan the outside of the packs. Let's go!

Those Pro Picks were strange this time. The pack advertises one foil card per pack. There were 4 of those packs in this.
Each pack had the foil card of the same player. 

At least the base portion of the pack was different.
A Franz Wagner bound for Ann Arbor in a future bubbler highlights those.
Here's the Donruss pack, taking us back to the nights of empty arenas and masked courtsiders. But they do slip in a nice photo from the Finals on Devin Booker's entry. 
Sure, these teamless cards are cheesy, but that means I can add cards to my collection that might not qualify if they were in regular sets. So that means that Damon Stoudamire 
First time around it was the Finest that provided an unexpected numbered card. That Devin Askew card is a Green Shimmer parallel, which shows up every 78 packs and is numbered to /99. Although it isn't evident from the card, Joey Baker's card is the second one bound for Ann Arbor, as he transferred there for his final season. 
Off to the box of 15!
As with the first, a Chet Holmgren Topps 'X' card is the first one out.
And the hit is an autograph this time as well - with an on-card autograph of the late Justin Reed. He would pass away  in 2017 due to a blood cancer. Pulling on-card autographs of people who have since passed away always feels a little off. Even if it is a repack, and I doubt that anybody checked such things.
Getting to the miscellaneous portion of the 15 cards, this becomes the second Jaden Shackelford card I've pulled in one of these. It joins a Pro Picks card from the first time around. This is my 5th card of his in the 2/14 collection. This Wild Card is slightly less bootleg than the Pro Picks version. 
Josh Giddey...uh...if I haven't got anything nice to say...let's move on.
Some bland Donruss cards. 
More unlicensed stuff, but as with Stoudamire, that totally allows me to consider this to be a Raptors card for that collection. Even though that's certainly a Heat jersey that was altered for the purposes of the card.
With this and the Donruss card earlier, this becomes a Buddy Hield hot repack. That Jalen Hurts is a Reactive Blue parallel. And even with the horrific pun of Holofame for the insert set, an appearance of a HOFer is a fine way to wrap up the repack.

There you have it!