Friday 15 December 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 35: A Basketball Repack? At Wally World?

 YES! Let's dig in!

How bad it can be? 

Well, only one of the packs was a licensed product. That includes ProPicks, which is so bootleg I can't even find the product at tcdb.
Despite the 80s local-yokel police set quality to this set, at least the first card out was a 2/14 guy! This is my 4th Jaden Schackelford card, only one of which, a Prizm Draft auto, features the logo for his team. Bonus! This is a foil parallel too!
Does this Scottie Barnes card count as a Raptors one? Of course!
A guy (nick)named Boo, and another (nick)named Boogie. That should count for something. Right? And I got both this foil parallel and the base card of Boogie! 

So maybe they weren't as bad as I made it seem.
A flashback to the cardboard fans era in the Donruss pack. At least there's that, and a green laser parallel. 
Nothing super spectacular among the Bowman University contents, but unlike with baseball releases, 3 of these 4 have played in at least one NBA game. Martin is the only exception here. Even with the logos wiped, the colours are distinctive enough to show that a pair of these were Kansas Jayhawks cards.
Landing a numbered parallel from the Finest pack probably would have been nicer if the players had been in uniform in the product. But it was still a 1:29 packs card.
The first card was from a Topps Chet Holmgren themed release. I like how they completely wiped Gonzaga off his jersey, but not his teammate's.
Here's the hit. It might not be a well-known player, but the look of the card makes up for the obscurity. The portrait portion of the card is acetate - something that might make me actually interested if UD used something similar with their Portraits insert. And I get both an autograph and a relic! WOO-HOO!
Next up - shininess! 
And then some Chronicles. The Donruss and the Optic card are black parallels, and I repeat what I thought when I pulled one from an actual Chronicles pack - the Optic Black parallels look like it should be a far scarcer parallel than they are. Just a super classy feel to them. 
And some Donruss to end - but some solid star power here with Paul, Mitchell and Fox. 2 De'Aaron Fox cards among the fifteen - does that make it a hot repack for him!

When even the junkiest of the junk cards are interesting, it is a fun repack!

There you have it!

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