Tuesday 5 December 2023

Some Minor 2/14 Additions via Sportlots PWE

Here's a sportlots PWE worth (meaning 4 cards) of new cards for the 2/14 collection.

A Mets card is always a good lead for me, even if it is a minor league card. Although none of the players here today did reach the big leagues, Tom did come the closest to getting a big league card, appearing in a Bowman set.
While I do prefer to lead with new faces in the collection, the temptation to use a Mets card was too great this time. Instead, Tracy Smith falls to second place for his debut. 
While some people in my collection did get plenty of Topps/Bowman cards without reaching the big leagues, such as Ian Clarkin, Bruce Crabbe, now with 6 appearances, leads the way among guys who only got minor league cards. He also makes appearances as a manager, one of a handful of guys to make player/coach appearances, alongside people like Bernie Geoffrion and Fred Carter.

I also point out that there are 3 baseball players named Crabbe who have received cards, and two of them are 2/14 guys.

There you have it!

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