Monday 4 December 2023

Another Ranger Roundup

 The recent COMC shipment was filled with cards of Kitchener Rangers related cards. Here's most of' em!

No better way to start than with Carson Rehkopf. In what looked to be a rebuilding year on East Avenue, he's leading the league in scoring, as the team is at the top of the OHL as I write this. I couldn't ask for much more.
A small pile of cheap Parkhursts. 
The Fabulous 50s has what you want in an insert set - a nice, clean design, and it is buoyed by the "Whoa! That guy scored 50 or more goals in a season!" moments. Use the checklist to cheat your hinder off if 50+ Goals comes up on a future immaculate grid.
Shiny! Shiny! 
Ryan Murphy provides the only card in this post that wasn't an e-pack card. That wasn't a thing back in 2013, and O-Pee-Chee base sets still aren't on there. Still, here he is on a black parallel /100. 
A pair of Kadris are next. Pizzazz adds a nice bit of colour to this post, even if the card itself isn't really shiny enough for the Pizzazz name,
I know that these banner relics aren't the most popular, but I prefer to think it as an opportunity to add some swatch colour that you might not associate with the team in question. Such as green on this relic from the Lake Tahoe games. 

Meireles' NHL journey has now taken him to the Minnesota Wild system, skating for their AHL team in Iowa. 
20-21 SP Signature Legends came out this year. It was very much like 2012 Panini Signatures or 2006 Parkhurst in that it boosted a deep checklist of veterans, and a lot of them were of guys who hadn't been seen in products in ages. While the prospect of paying hobby box prices an getting one of the autos being a David Shaw probably would put sone off, waiting for them to hit epack and be inexpensive is my kinda deal. Shaw was a part of the '82 Memorial Cup winners, and had a nice long career in the NHL that went into the late 90s. His only certified auto was a Be a Player one back in '94, and it was so nice to finally welcome one without questionable licensing in the collection.

There you have it!

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