Tuesday 19 December 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 36: The Usual Basketball


Let's leave the basketball behind, and now show off stuff from one of my usual hanger and a hit repacks.

They might be early 90s cards, but there's star power here from that time with Parish and Robinson. Marbury does provide a big name from recent times. I'm not sure if 1990 Fleer Update is really a theme, but the most recent one of these, and the ones to come really had a good number of cards from that set in there.
Topps Ten, which that Arenas comes from, was a strange set that gave base cards to the Top 10 in varied statistics. That's one way to pad your set with stars. I looked for the Raptors content, and all they had Chris Jefferies, who got into the set by being the #9 Small Forward drafted. Those were some really, really lean years.

And of course, I added the Jefferies to my COMC inventory.

Because something is wrong with me.

And my hit is a WNBA relic? YES for obscurity! Even if Summer of Love is a super cheesy name for an insert set. The relic isn't even summer-related, since it comes from the 2ball competition during NBA All Star weekend. Which makes it from the winter.

And Manute Bol appearance makes for a good repack. Kevin Pritchard would go on to be the first ever Vancouver Grizzlies signing. He'd play zero games for the team, and this would be his only active NBA card of his career.

Also, Dick Harter. Dick Harter. As with Dick Wood last week, I hope I never, ever mature.

And the finale. They must have not thought much of Harrison Barnes to use a photo where a courtsider is far more enthralled by their smartphone than the game.

There you have it!

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  1. Tate George! The guy who put UConn basketball on the map. Big local hero when I was a kid.