Friday 1 December 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 33: Hanger and a Hit

 Let's do one of these!

'tis ice to see a big name as the opening, visible card. Even if it is only a base card.
And a pretty big name as the second card as well, coming from a mid-range release. There's the wall of 1990 Score that seems to have replaced the wall of 1990 Bowman in recent product. That's a rather unflattering picture of Nedved on his card. Not quite Pinnacle sweaty blue undershirt unflattering, but not a hockey-card worthy shot.
That was one of only a couple cards on this side of the Atlantic that Blazek got. Those Pro Set Platinums without the name on the front have not aged well as the featured players have become less memorable all these years later. That's Geoff Sanderson (who has amazing genetics) and Mike Krushelnyski shown on the bottom row.
And the hit! There's another awful photo for a card. He looks like he's posing at gunpoint. But that is a nice big swatch at least. Even odder that the photo, Blouin made his first NHL appearance in 1996. He also played in about 90 games between than and 2002, when he finally got his first licensed NHL cards. Given how rookie-centric releases are, that's amazing. 
It may seem that Jose Charbonneau, with his mouth wide open during warm-ups and not really centered, might be the oddest photo choice here.
How about Wade Flaherty getting snowed by his own teammate?
Only appropriate that this ends on a 21-22 base card.

This repack certainly wasn't dull! And interesting is always the best option!

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