Friday 8 December 2023

Welcome, James Eckhouse

 A new face joins the binders, and it is someone that is probably very familiar to any child of the 90s.

James Eckhouse, aka Jim Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210, has finally joined the binders. When I saw his name listed as being a 2/14 guy, I was certain that there had to be some sort of card featuring the entire cast of the show that would put him in. Ala Enrico Colantoni and Veronica Mars. 

Nope. There just seemed to be cards featuring the younger cast. Even if he wasn't even 40 when the show premiered. Heck, he was only 6 years older than the actress playing Andrea.
So, instead of adding something official, he is welcomed with this. A likely bootleg sticker from somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Any port in a storm.


  1. Greece, based on the language, not Eastern Europe.

  2. Looks like he's been in a bunch of stuff, including a Senator in Avengers...maybe he popped up in a card there?