Saturday 2 December 2023

Late, as Usual

Given how I've already started showing off stuff from my latest COMC shipment, maybe I should finally finish off the 2.14 stuff from the my previous shipment I still haven't gotten around to scanning.

As long as UD keeps releasing sets saluting Black Panther, I'll keep adding Okoye/Danai Gurira cards to the collection. And I learned earlier today there were "Behind the Scenes" cards out there, meaning I can add more cards that technically feature her as opposed to her characters. No matter what, she remains in the lead for the misc. portion with 14 cards, more than double Ayako Hamada's 6.
They'll never run out of parallel types - this one is a Lunar Glow Refractor. Random nouns and adjectives can make a new one!
I'm certain I've got some Perfect Game autos from Leaf in my collection. They're a wonderfully inexpensive way to add a card of a prospect to the collection from their early cardboard days. At one point, they were in Bowman. An oddity, I guess.
The finale is the only card of this group to feature somebody with MLB experience. Fortunately for the PC, Yermin's month or so on the top of the rookie rung made it so that later season releases needed his cards. And fun SP parallels like this one. His one-and-done nature also make these nicely inexpensive today.

There you have it!

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  1. I remember Ian Clarkin cards from my prospecting days. Not sure when/where his career fizzled out though. And that Yermin is a fun one.