Wednesday 6 December 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 34: Hanger and a Hit

 Another of these, this time from football.

Here's the repack.
Sure, the opening looks like a bland Donruss entry. Then you look on the ground and spy that the Arizona Cardinals once employed a player named Sweezy. That's the guy's actual name, even if it really seems like there was a XFL-esque name on the jersey. JR Sweezy had a 9 season career, but this might be as close as he ever got to an actual card.
The first group of cards - nothing is going to compare to Sweezy. But, there are a couple nice cards. 2016 Donruss has a nice design with the colour. This was back when Panini wasn't as concerned as to how the cards would look when Optic and all its parallels dropped and just put a simple low-end set out. Punter card too!
I've never been a fan of wiping backgrounds on base cards, but the 2001 Hot Prospects background like on the Gannon is actually a pretty nice idea. Beats white and silver. Dave Brown will eventually fatten up a mailer to Ann Arbor. Also - throwback uniform on Gardner! Solid grouping! 
I have no idea who this guy on the hit is. But I do know this is my first Montana Grizzlies card, autographed or otherwise. And that's enough for me to like this card.
Even with it being a modern release, I didn't imagine that there would be a Frank Gifford card in this. Not that I'm complaining. But I will complain about the lack of anybody named Sweezy on the second 2021 Donruss card featuring an Arizona Cardinals photo.
And the finale is another NCAA card. Khaseem Greene was one of the first guys I added to my penmanship binder. I remain supportive of my decision.

As long as busting something is fun, I'll give it a thumbs up. And there was definitely enough interesting stuff in there to call it fun.