Sunday 24 December 2023

Christmas Mischief!

Christmas means it is time to show off the annual Christmas picture of the furry little lady in my life.
She was about as enamored with wearing antlers as you would expect an Airedale to be. But at least I can imagine all her doggy friends laughing at it when her Christmas card landed in their humans' mailboxes. I assume that some of Mischief's general naughtiness over the past month has been payback for doing that to her.

I think she's forgiven me.
ObCard: Back when I first got Mischief, I took some time off, When I did, I posted a Carter Rowney 'Day with the Cup' card when he shared his time with Lord Stanley with a very good doggo. This AHL card was the only autographed card he'd get on this side of the border. While there's no hiatus this time, I just thought this would be a nice card to go along with the DwtC card.

There you have it!

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