Thursday 21 December 2023

Getting Grizzly

 With Kevin Pritchard allowing me to make a Vancouver Grizzlies reference in my most recent post, I figured I'd show off the Vancouver Grizzlies cards I had yet to feature here. 

Both of 'em!

Party like it is 1971 with this 2000 entry from Topps Heritage. Heritage's foray into basketball lasted two years, covering both Grizzlies locales. So, that left one year to choose from and I opted for the player I had the least # of cards of. In this case - zero prior to this one. Looking at actual 1971 cards, it is a decent enough font used on top to really create the "this is what a Vancouver Grizzlies card would have looked like if they were around" then vibe.

And yes, Foward-Center was a position you might find on a card then.
If you want a modern Grizzlies card, you're probably looking at an autographed card, retro jerseys notwithstanding. Considering that Reeves played every one of his NBA games for Vancouver, it makes sense he shows up in these cards. Looking through COMC, several others have shown up recently with Grizzlies autos, such as Felipe Lopez, Mike Bibby and Byron Scott. So there are other options. 
I'm just disappointed that his signature has deteriorated from my first auto of his that I acquired years ago. Although signing 20 cards for a high-end set is probably more suitable for a nice sig than signing hundreds for a mid-range one. 

There you have it!

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