Tuesday 16 January 2024

Basketball via Michigan

 Back to the TMV mailer, and the basketball is up today, for another small, but wonderful post.

An autograph is a wonderful way to start off a post. Autographics remain a pretty beloved insert set from the 90s, and to make its way into my collection with a player rocking the dinosaur classics is even better. Walt had a solid journeyman career that included a couple seasons in Toronto. That might be one of the bigger areas designated for the autograph ever on your standard 2*3 card.

Raptors miscellany! Although 'Finalists' seems like an odd name for an insert where the featured player is holding the LOB. Is Champions really that hard of a name to use? The Norman Powell is a Red Ice Prizm parallel, so that's a team color match parallel! A gimmicky team color match parallel, but a match nonetheless! Poeltl's card is an acetate, and it feels strange that Poeltl's early career cards became relevant once again for the team.
2/14 swatch! Although I've said it before, I'll repeat it - I would love to have a facemask relic in my collection. Even if that does make my collection approach the creeper status.
2/14 ink! With 108 entries, Rip remains the king of the 2/14 basketball collection, and a more than 50 card cushion.

There you have it!

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