Thursday 18 January 2024

Sportlots 2/14s

 While some of my most recent two PWEs from sportlots did include a couple set builders and trade packet fillers, half of the content was of the 2/14 variety. Time for a show-off!

With Nolan Schanuel making such a rapid trip from the draft to his Major League debut, I missed on the other 2023 draft guy who made his cardboard debut. He was a third rounder to Philly, and might be the first Hawaiian in my collection. As a bonus, this is a nice shiny chrome refractor!
I admit that I thought Abiatal Avelino completely vanished from sets after being all over Panini releases in 2019. But this appearance in 2020 Heritage Minors, shown with Sacramento, snuck up on me completely. Even if the photo doesn't appear to be of the walk-off homer photo, I do like any appearance of Heritage in this collection.
Ginter addition! The set provided a couple Ferris Wheel cards for the collection, since its inventor, George Ferris, was born  2/14/1859, as well as politicians like Mark Rutte. It is nice to have some baseball content from the base set finally in, since its only representation before was a Chrome of Yermin Mercedes.
A hockey PWE provides the final entry, and one of the more interesting entries in the collection with a family themed card. 
I guess that Bernie is the middle child in this group, although this would be even better if they included Danny to make this a four-way card. Since there is a discrepancy in his birthdate, with some sources listing 2/14 and some 2/16, I only count cards that either list the former, or none at all. So this one counts! 

And there you have it!

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