Monday 22 January 2024

Oskee Wee Wee!

 Today, it is all the Hamilton Tiger-Cats content I picked up either through e-packs, or picked up cheaply on COMC because of epacks.

I'm attacking this stack chronologically, so that means it is a lonely 2018 entry up first. I'm guessing I've had this sitting in my inventory since that year.
Nothing but the hits from 2019, with this relic. It's a nice little add to my collection, but I really wish they only used coloured relics for these. It isn't too bad for Hamilton, but really seems like a missed opportunity for teams like Ottawa, Toronto or Saskatchewan. 
Here's a couple autos to go with it. Sometimes, when these are for traded players, the UD e-pack site fails to notice the new team until much later. I definitely remember thinking I finished a parallel set for the team in 2019, only for Rico Murray to trip me up at the time.
Most years you needed 5 base cards on e-pack to combine to make a physical blue card. In 2020, it took 10. Complete where you can! 
I actually have two of these, but since Masoli went to Oregon for a bit (before transferring under, shall we say not the best of circumstances), I'll throw it into my next Portland-bound mailer.
I'll remember Larry Dean as the player who caught the first pass that Johnny Manziel threw in a regular season CFL game. You'll note that Larry is a linebacker.
2021 saw them switch to using the base set design from hockey instead of a fresh look. Seeing as how they don't use the foil that they tend to overuse with them. At least the front is more legible and you get the team colors as more of a part of the design.
This relic is new!
With a last name like Thomas-Erlington, you can get away with abbreviating your name on your autograph. You don't want to spend your whole day signing stickers, do you?
I didn't care much for the base design in 2022, so I skipped a year and limited myself to a single physical pack. E-packs with combinable cards? Maybe I just like some color I wouldn't find in the set.
Like with hockey, the 2022 CFL release had Exclusives /100.
More autos. Although I do already have a Van Zeyl auto in my collection, this is Shiltz's first appearance. And yes, that's a Tiger-Cats card. His new team is listed on the front. 
Finally, a 2023 entry, and Hamilton's only appearance in the multi-sport Game Dated Moments this year. And he brings the alternate jerseys/helmet with him! 

There you have it!

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