Wednesday 17 January 2024

Three Downs. Three Cards.

 My most recent COMC shipment had me clearing out the results of various CFL e-pack acquisitions, whether they be from the actual e-packs, or ones just picked up cheaply at COMC.  A lot of them were of the Hamilton Tiger-Cat variety, enough so that they will warrant their own post. But there was a trio I picked up for various collection reasons, and they're the ones getting shown off today. The Ti-Cats stuff? Eventually...

A 200-card base set might not seem like much, but it does feel a lot deeper when it covers 9 teams. That allows for a deep trip down the roster, and allows players like Jorgen Hus to get cards. A long snapper. There's something about positions that don't make a lot of appearances in modern sets that make me want to acquire lots of their cards. I had already landed the gold /50 parallel, so let the chase of long snapper cards continue.
Speaking of positions that don't get a lot of hobby love, kicker is another one, and one that benefits from the make-up of these sets. Considering he's kicked for the Stampeders since 2011, and will be back for yet another year in 2024, it isn't shocking to see him get an appearance in a more limited release like SP Game Used.
How do you make a wonderful weather-y card even better? Add an autograph to it! The pouring rain probably made this my favourite photo in the 2021 set, and this does make me appreciate the decision not to go with a different design for the autographed versions of the cards.

There you have it!

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