Wednesday 24 January 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 3: Hanger with a Hit

 Let's go into my to-be-posted box o' repacks, and show one of these off.

These usually start with a card from a flagship set, so at least it is something different.
A very 90s start to it, but there is an interesting card for me in the CHL entry. The Owen Sound Attack would probably make it in my list of favourite CHL logos if I ever decide to make such a list.
Here's the obligatory appearance of a player from the past that I had no memory of with Mark Mowers. It might only have been used during warm-up, but seeing any alternate jersey appearancte is fun on a card. That applies to the Ekholm moreso than the practice jersey Courtnall was sporting.
Here's the hit! It is a nice little addition to my masked hits collection, and an interesting card as well. The uniform might by the Moncton Wildcats, but the mask paint job looks to be from his previous team - the Val D'or Foreurs, and that's definitely the uniform used for the swatch. 
Now that's a snow job for a photo!
Your final card - a die-cut entry is at least something unexpected.

A couple interesting base cards, and hitting a PC for the hit? That's enough for me to give this a solid thumbs in the middle!

There you have it!


  1. Definitely a thumbs up on that pack.

  2. I always feel the ITG relics are underrated

    1. Agreed! I felt like the ITG cards were mostly underrated in general