Saturday 27 January 2024


 My recent COMC shipment saw me rise to the top of the TCDB leaderboards for a trio of members of my 2/14 collection. Today, I'm highlighting the cards that took me into the lead.

58 total Scott Scudder cards gives me a two-card cushion lead in his card. The Bowman is the Tiffany variation, explaining why a very common image is debuting in my binder. Even Micro cards count as a full 1 card in the collection. The Stadium Club is also a variant - the first day version. There are 108 different cards of his listed at TCDB, so I still have opportunity to increase the lead.
At 61 cards, the baseball portion of the collection is lead by John Marzano, and I have a three-card lead for his entries. His total is 94 cards overall, many of which are minor variations, so there's less wiggle room here for extending my lead. The Stadium Club cards are the First Day and Members Only versions. The others are all not the standard 2*3 sized cards. Any card is good with the numbers game.
You'd think that 103 wouldn't be enough for the crown over at TCDB for an active player who was a previous top draft pick, but apparently it was. And that's considering I've got a couple plates tbat aren't on the list. But that does leave me with a lot of options to expand the collection. And his presence with Baltimore leaves me with a cheering option as the NFL playoffs continue without Buffalo present.
And unlike with Scudder and Marzano, there's numbered variations out there too. These come from their respective 2017 releases. That's a pretty slick gold /10, which is the lowest numbered non-plate of his I have. 
And there's also autographs - like this out of one of my favourite releases - 2015 Field Access. Now that was how to do a sticker dump after losing a license - with a lot of fun photos!

There you have it!

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