Thursday 11 January 2024

A Sensational Stack


Back to my to-be-posted pile, and a sampling of a bunch of cards either from a group break of Artifacts, or from e-packs. Those could be either cards that I pulled/traded for on the site, or just grabbed cheaply thanks to e-packs.

At least it can take my mind off yet another miserable road trip through the Western Conference this season.

Here's the base cards. Despite the team being unimpressive last season, Sens made it on 4 of the 100 cards. I guess the expectations were greater than they have reached so far this season.
I didn't get any of the numbered base cards, but that's perfectly fine as these are far less common. The Clear Cut Rookies are 1:60 packs, or 2 per case. 
Of if you prefer your parallels numbered, here's a Royal Blue parallel of Ridly Greig. The only difference beyond the numbering is some foil.
Here's something without the blue background. This is a leather parallel, and while they appear more frequently on the whole more frequently than the clear cuts (1:53), the cards have a lower print run since the set itself is 100 while the clear cut rookies only have 30 cards total.

Either way, a couple nice cards without a true hit appearing.

While most of these COMC/epack cards weren't too costly, this one was. The Ceremonial Puck Drop cards were case hits, and if they're going to put out a card saluting their all-time leader for games played, I'll pick up a card to commemorate it.

Even if I did wait until a Black Friday sale.
Speaking of that record, here's a card from the team record breaker. Sort of. But it is the type of photo you'd expect from the canvas insert portion of any set, more so from a legends one.
Paul MacLean's playing days didn't warrant a base card in the SP Signature Legends set, but his coaching prowess did earn him a card in the Behind the Bench insert set.
Gaudy Brady! I think that background was a rejected Diamond Kings 1989 background.
The puppy card remains one of my favourite photos, if not the favourite photo in  my collection. I've picked up a few of the parallels in the rainbow, but this is my first numbered card in the run. Also, if this is your first time seeing the card, Bobby did score and they did get the puppy.
Here's a sampling of some of the rest of the stack. Just a scanner bed worth of cards. I think that only the Young Guns cards were more than 40 cents each. Long live the e-packs!

There you have it!

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