Tuesday 23 January 2024



The baseball portion of the TMV envelope wraps it up, with some Mets, some Jays and a single Vlad Sr.
Mets stuff. While normally those pair of Wright parallels would win the day, I have to go with the Glavine here. Although since he often makes lists of the best hitting pitchers from the DH era, why not show him swinging away instead of bunting? Yes, I know the sac bunt is a part of hitting, but still, let's see Tom trying to hit it out of the infield.

A couple manu-cards. Just in time for their number retirement!
Here is a bunch of Jays inserts/parallels. I always find cards for Canadian teams with the star-spangled background somewhat off. That Ryu is a perfect chance to point out that I've added a bunch of 2020 Gallery SPs to my set-builder wantlist linked at the side. Hook me up!
And finally, a double relic. The Jays win this rookie of the year relic batter, since bat sliver > jersey swatch. Even with a rotated pinstripe.

There you have it! Just in time for me to almost fill up a new package!

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