Monday 8 January 2024

Not Just Cardboard

 aka the hockey part of the latest TMV mailer.

I'll lead with the inspriation for the title, the non-card portion of the envelope. This is from the mini-jersey releases of the mid 00's. Exactly as the product name states, there was a mini jersey included in the pack along with some cards. Now, they'd just cut this up for cards in their SP Game Used release. Here, it is one of the more unique items in my Spezza PC.
This isn't cardboard either! My latest Alfie plate! This comes out of 2011-12 Contenders. While I'm not the biggest fan of this design, which really didn't a good job of the ticket motif in this release, I won't complain about a new 1/1 for his PC.
Another plate booklet! His only card as a Senator comes from 2020 Extended, so if I want a 1/1 to salute his time with the team, this is the only choice out there. And I will repeat myself from the first one of these (also in a TMV mailer) by saying the decision to put all of these together as a single item is one of UD's best ideas in recent memory.

While that would be the item in the set that got me the most excited, it isn't this time.
Because I'm now able to put the final checks in the 2006 Parkhurst set! With a set like that was, you do expect the last cards to be filled with some huge names, and this certainly was. I only started working on this a few years back after getting some inexpensive blasters and a hobby box of it, so it isn't a project that goes back 18 years, but it still feels like I've been doing this for a bit. Any final card for any set is nice.

Only basketball and baseball are left!

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  1. I sure loved those mini jersey products from Upper Deck. If Topps made them for baseball, Panini for football, and UD for hockey in 2024... I'd buy them.