Monday 29 January 2024


 Just a bunch of packs I set to the side after opening, probably from retail or repacks purchased long ago.

These 5 are the packs in question. 4 different years covering more than 20 years of hockey. I'll go through clockwise from the top left, which looks to also be reverse chronological match.
It might not have been the Dallas Stars YG people are looking for from this, but there was one nonetheless. I love how the collation had two photos with some pretty impressive whip on the sticks back-to-back. Still, Gusev's entrance is the most interesting photo in this pack.
Bland base cards in the Donruss packs. Maybe the throwback Bruins jersey is the best, but still pretty dull.
The insert was something pretty nice, though. It's a goalie themed insert set, with the title of the card representing the respective goaltender's native language. Les Gardiens for Quebecois players, and Jonas gets Swedish, naturally. If I hadn't received the entire insert set ages ago in a TMV mailer, I'd chase these.
Oh yes - the "how much border can we get away with?" era of MVP. At least the rookie is a recognizable name.
O-Pee-Chee was pretty much the same this year. There was this foil-y Micromotion parallel, however. That's not enough to lower the effect of seeing the infamous Buffalo Slug.
All the way back to 1999 for my first Sens card of the packs. As well as the obligatory player I had no memory whatsoever of - Mark Lawrence. 
And the obligatory appearance of a player that I had no memory of on that specific team - in this case, Kevin Hatcher's one season with the Rangers.

Nothing too special in any of these, but I guess that's to be expected when I waited however many months/years to show everything off.

There you have it!

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