Sunday 14 January 2024

Incomplete Pass

 I had a Bills post scheduled for today in order to show cautious optimism the morning of their playoff game - only for the weather to delay that. So, you get what I hoped would be my final post from 1992 Archives basketball.

I knew the Jordan would be the most expensive single in the set. Partially because it is Jordan, but more likely because scammers could put it on their tables at the flea market and sell it to the especially gullible as a Jordan rookie! Look at the design! Of course it is! 

With the final card now there, let's look at some of the other cards in there I found interesting.
Such as the appearance of relocated teams. Since Topps used the baseball design from the rookie year in the set, that's where the Archived design has to use a photo from. Fortunately, this is the Eddie Johnson that didn't die in prison in 2020 while serving a life sentence for something beyond loathsome. 
You also get jerseys that had since vanished from the game as well. In the case of those Cavaliers ones, a good thing. 

You get to see how small the font can get for a name on the 1989 entries.
And be disappointed they didn't use anything beyond a generic team text for the 1991s.
As I remarked when I pulled this, the 1987 design seems custom made for basketball - even more so for Celtics cards. 
And sometimes, the 1990 borders match perfectly with the team colours. 

So, what's with the title of this post. "Incomplete Pass"? That's quite easy to explain. Suffice to say, when collating the set, I probably should have focused a little more on the front of the card. While the back of the cards do show a 1-150 completion...
Since I didn't notice 3 of those cards were the gold parallels.


At least none of them will be too expensive to replace.


  1. Always liked this product. Wish I would have bought more packs back in the 90's and built this set. That Jordan is really cool... but it does bug me that there's a premium charge for it because it's a wannabe rookie card.

  2. I would expect a Bill's win. Pitts not that great lol

  3. This was a neat set, I completed it about 2 years ago and when I was buying/trading for singles I got sent a batch of gold parallels. You're definitely not the only one to mix them up with the base cards.

  4. I do like the 87 design on basketball just as much as baseball. Really wish I was into basketball cards in the mid 80s as much as I was into baseball!