Friday 26 January 2024

2/14 Hockey

 Here's the latest stack of 2/14 cards of the hockey variety on their way to that binder.

As usual, if it is hockey from COMC, that means it is a bunch of e-pack stuff. But there always has to be an exception. Here, it is this Premier card, a set not available in that format. This is the Silver Spectrum parallel, and it is just a little shinier in the numbering and foil portion than its regular, numbered to 399 version. I now have 26 more Matt O'Connor cards than NHL games played. 

But he still appeared in one more than I've appeared in.
One of these days, I really should count all the plates in my collection. No matter what the count, here's one from 16-17 flagship.
Despite having the absolute worst signature in the 2.14 collection, I'm staying true to my promise to keep adding his cards to the binders. SP Game Used is an odd set, as these are the base cards in the release, numbered to the player's jersey #.  There are signed parallels of this, similarly numbered. I prefer these.
I'm not that sure what Pitter Patter means in relation to a hockey insert set. Are they all Letterkenny fans who get their own set? 
A semi-recent release of Team Canada gave me the chance to explode the Nolan Lalonde portion of the collection up to 8. He was undrafted, but did end up signing with Columbus. In the OHL, he recently was traded to Saginaw. They're hosting this year's Memorial Cup, so they're stocking up for the run. 
But those 8 cards aren't enough to elevate Nolan to this post's top count as the variety of sets he was available in put Nikolaj Ehlers in the top spot. My only complaint is that the World Junior Grads card should have had him in a Denmark National uniform versus a Winnipeg one. He has no such cards in any release on this side of the Atlantic, and I'd like to get one without having to trust shipping one from Latvia.

But there you have it!

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