Wednesday 3 January 2024

Less Than Perfect

 I don't really pay much attention to grading of specific cards I want. I even exclude graded ones, encased or not, from searches on COMC.

But sometimes, it was worth it to not exclude them. As some of these came up, listed as Poor to Fair.

In the form of uncertified autographs. Is this a real autograph? For the price I paid for this, I don't really care! It is still a really nice memento of the short-lived stateside CFL expansion that came up when I was looking for random Baltimore Stallions cards. And if believe it really was an autograph of Irv Smith Sr, it goes nicely with my Irv Smith Jr autograph.
At least with Rey Sanchez, I do have certified autos to compare with at COMC. Looks good enough for me! 

The combined total for these was a little over $2 and I'd shell that out any day. It isn't like I'm buying a Rollecks watch on the street.

There you have it!


  1. Have you compared the Smith to other autos of his?

  2. I'm not familiar with Mr. Smith... so my first thought was why would anyone want to forge his signature. But looks like he was an all-star multiple times in the CFL, so maybe there is a guy or gal out there who is that bored. Hope your autograph is real though.