Thursday 11 July 2019

Rookie Anthology - Box 2

This one starts off with the second Rookie Selection card from the box, and this one is a little more relevant than yesterday's. Kuemper saw a lot of action this past season for the Coyotes as their #1 goaltender. He even saw a little bit of love in the award balloting, being part of a tie for 5th for the Vezina.
The Score base cards. A trio of dupes already doesn't bode well for the collation of this.
But this is a pretty good player to get the gold parallel of.
A bit of Russian feel to the base Prizm cards.
And there's this shiny card in their as well, all sparkly, and Prizm-y
And 1 of 1-y.

Yes, the front of the card is as badly centered as it appears in the scan. Of all the cards to mess up...
At least with these, I can blame the off-center look to the cards to just having them unevenly placed together on the scanner.
And Select wraps up with another pretty good card. If not for that 1/1, this would be the second box where the best card would easily have been a Florida Panthers card. This is the second auto/relic of Barkov I've pulled from this product, joining a Dominion entry.
And the second straight box with a Dylan McIlrath hit, this time a monster thick entry from Titanium.
Sigh. A redemption. I'd pulled this one before and it never came through, so unless he gets the urge to sign the cards, it will be off to Panini Rewards.
And finally, this box ends with an on-card autograph from Dominion. Tennyson is still playing on this side of the Atlantic, but has been bouncing between the NHL and the AHL. He just signed with New Jersey earlier this month.

There we go! It has been pretty good so far, and I can't complain when I've already a 1/1 for the collection, along with a couple pretty good autographs.


  1. Nice Fedun 1/1! I didn't realize how good Kuemper was last season, since the Coyotes are never on national TV.

  2. I wish I could afford a case of this set!