Monday 15 July 2019

Rookie Anthology - Box 6

A pretty good Rookie Selection opens this box. Alas, it is a dupe for my overall collection.
I competely forgot to scan the Score base cards from this box. Oops. But I did land a second black parallel in the case. Interestingly, I've also got the autographed versions of both cards I landed the black parallels of in the case. which means I only need the gold parallels to complete the rainbow.

Don't take this as an invite to send me them, BTW.
And an auto! I can sorta tie this to my Senators team collection, as he's the nephew of former Ottawa Senator Lance Pitlick.
Your Prizm cards. I've already got this Alfredsson card in my base Prizm collection, and my player collection.
Select base.
Select shiny.
Here's the second Titanium draft position parallel of the case. In this case, 210th get shortened to 100. Much like with Leblanc, he played in two more games in the NHL than I did.
Another good auto/relic, but sadly, this, like the Gallagher was a dupe.
Yup. That's really a great way to end this box. Fuck this guy.

On its own, not a bad box, but duping up on hits is always disappointing. And the last card, ugh. it is hard to call it the worst box with the Dumba and Gallagher, but certainly the dullest.

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  1. I had heard that he did something bad but didn't know what until now. Terrible. I don't get people like that.