Monday 1 July 2019

Canada Day 2/14s

I usually try to have a nice patriotic post for Canada Day, and looked to my COMC "to be posted" for potential goodies. Sure enough, I can mix my 2/14 binders with some Canada Day stuff, thanks to e-packs and its having the Team Canada World Juniors set.
Namely, it is time to triple the Allan McShane content in the collection. This blue foil parallel of the Habs prospect was an e-pack exclusive.
Appropriately, the Exclusives parallels in this set are a very patriotic red.
This red swatch goes nicely alongside that.
And even better, here's my first autograph of his as well. I can sorta parse it, so it is easily in the upper half in terms of autograph quality and members of the 2/14 club. I've got another one in my COMC inventory from this year's CHL release, so there's number two.

So, from 2 to 6, and he's yet to play a game in the NHL. Collection-wise, that looks promising.

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