Sunday 7 July 2019

Film Noir

With the lack of rookies this year, the Raptors were a cheap date in group breaks. So, here's a trio of cards from a very recent, very high-end release, 18-19 Noir.
The set is high-end enough that the base cards are numbered to just /85. I always enjoy welcoming new faces to the collection, and here's my first Jeremy Lin card with him as a Raptor.
I don't care that he signed with the Clippers. He still helped bring a championship to the team. They could go 0-82 next year and Masai could trade everybody for second round picks and expiring contracts, and I wouldn't complain. I will merely savour every moment of last season.
And despite the Kawhi coming from another subset, (Holo Silver, to be precise), the cards still look really nice side-by-side to complete the logo.
And at least there's still another year of Lowry left to enjoy as well in Toronto.


  1. Kudos to Panini. I like the idea of putting two cards together to complete the logo.

  2. Panini does a great job with their NBA license. I collect Raptors cards, too, and live in downtown Toronto. My blog is at if you're interested in checking it out.