Saturday 6 April 2019

Saturday Sampler

Surprisingly, my LCS didn't have any Gypsy Queen on the shelves, so I grabbed a couple other packs instead. One, I'd busted before. One, I hadn't.
Heck, one of the leagues isn't even around at this point.
And let's start with the not-even-one-and-done AAF pack. It has 9 cards and an insert in each pack. The design is nice and simple, although it can get repetitive with the small team count in the league.

Knowing my collecting habits, you'd think my favourite card in the bunch of base would be the kicker. Usually, that's true. Not this time.
And that is because Jeff Luc is a 2/14 baby. I knew because of yesterday's post that Christian Hackenberg was in this set, and he'd probably be the guy I'd admit to chasing a card of. This, was a very pleasant surprise. Jeff also has autographs in this set, so if a trade partner is looking for something to send to me in return, hook a brother up!
Here's the insert. I guess you have to reach the NFL to get your first name on your insert card. Sorry, Marvin.

Since this is pack #2 on a Saturday Sampler for me of 2019 Donruss, I'll only hit cards I didn't get the first time.
I really like the Diamond Kings this year, since the backgrounds seem to be as obnoxious as they were in 1985, even though they are re-used on multiple players. I definitely get a Perez vibe from these.
This is my first nickname parallel. Not the most creative nickname.
The Rockies love continues with a relic. Did I just send a care package to the Rockies collector on my trade list? Of course I did. I guess I'm starting to reload.

And there you have it!

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