Sunday 28 April 2019

Prime Time! (13-14 Version)

And the second box. While it does offer 7 cards on the box, there were 8 in the box, 6 of which were of the hit variety.
As before, I'll go through this in reverse order of numbering, most to fewest. I prefer the more colourful base cards in these as opposed to the more typical white and foil used in most higher end sets.
With the NHL license going away at this time for Panini, updates from earlier releases were included in this release, similar to Rookie Anthology. Looks like Magnus got his cards in late. He has spent the past few seasons in the KHL.
We're jumping quite a bit down in terms of print run, as here's a base card parallel /50. Technically, this is a holo silver parallel.
Prime Trios is definitely an appropriate name for the three swatches here. But while Nichuskin isn't a horrible player, he definitely looks out of place when placed alongside Ovechkin and Malkin.
Hey! Here's a PC card of a Kitchener Rangers alum. We go all over the jersey for these swatches. Clockwise from the lower left, there's a regular piece, a patch, a seam, and a fight strap. And you get an on-card autograph to go with it!
Not an on-card autograph, but an on-manupatch auto. Blue ink works so nicely on the white patch for a Leafs hit. I also like that you can see the patch commemorating the final season of Maple Leaf Gardens as the Leafs' home, immediately can pinpoint the photo to the 98-99 season.
Another holo-silver parallel! Casey's settled into the 4th line role with the Islanders during this playoff run, and he's in the best season of his career.

/10? And still one more card to go? What's left?
Time to unleash the hounds of justice!

It is SHIELD time!
Holy crap that's a 1 of 1! Shields are to hockey and football as the logoman is to basketball and baseball. It is the chase card in many high end sets. While you can't see it in this photo, this particular swatch comes from the neckline of the jerseys, as you can see Chiasson sporting on his OPC rookie card. Chiasson would move to the Senators in the Jason Spezza trade. That has not exactly worked out well for the Sens.

Still, this is one really great addition to the collection. While it is pretty much a keeper, I'd still consider a trade, but it would have to be something similar in terms of a 1/1 shield/logoman for a PC. Any Chiasson super-collectors out there have a Raptors logoman auto in their binders?

And there you have it!

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