Wednesday 17 April 2019

GQ Pack Sampler

The LCS may have been GQ-less the last time I went through, but Walmart came through with a retail option. Since I'm not going all in on this one, this will do just fine as a taste of the product.
Here's the first card from the first pack. There's a nice colourful design this year, almost too much for the old school set. Blue on blue really doesn't work, but at least the text is larger than the numbers on the reverse of the card.
Here's the remainder of the base cards. This was the only one of the three packs to contain an insert.
And this is the insert. It's a hit! If I remember, these were 1:59 packs for retail, so I'm pretty happy landing this against the odds. I think I like this design, complete with the player breaking through the frame, and a more understated ribbon at the bottom.
Pack #2: Mets content! There's definitely a theme with the pitcher photos in this group.
Pack 3: If this were flagship, I'd think the Upton card was a photo variation, as it really stands out against the rest of the images.
And here's the green parallels. Nothing too major here, but as with pack #3, the contrasting photo on Reyes stands out.

A Mets card and an autograph out of retail. No complaints on the whole with that.

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