Thursday 4 April 2019

PWE Chronicles: The Collector

Back to the mail bag today, and a PWE from the Collector that hit a bunch of PCs.
This was the only card that wasn't a PC card was a set-builder card for 2018 Classics. If I ranged designs from 2018 releases, this would be at or closest to the top.
A random Bills card for that collection. Nick spent a 3 years in Buffalo, and joined Miami for last season. The card is one of several where the description on the back mention Jack Nickalus is his grandfather.
Ronald Darby was a Bill for 2 seasons, before being traded to the Eagles in time for their Super Bowl winning season.
Here's another one of these "How did I not already have this card" cards for my 2/14 collection. This is my 90th card of his in that PC.
Tyus Edney is a little less numerous in my 2/14 set, but with this he's now one away from being the 4th basketball guy to cross into two digits.
Random Raptor!
Random Blue Jay!
To end the incredibly diverse PWE, here's a defensive pairing for the Kitchener Rangers from the early 80s.

And there it is! 5 PCs and a set builder all hit in a single PWE. Efficient!

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  1. Happy I could contribute to a wide variety of your collection. The Franchise Stevens is one of my faves, which is why I bought a second copy on COMC.