Saturday 1 March 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 13

Back to the regular Dollarama, with repacks, and surprise boxes and other card related goodies.

Superstar Pack:

2010 UD Tim Gleason
1995 Topps Todd Gill
1994 Score Bernie Nichols 1000 Pts - Congratulations on 1000 points, Bernie. At least you're getting it saluted on a card that isn't too hideous (at least by mid 90s standards).
1999 Black Diamond Johan Davidsson - I always enjoy adding cards to my binders of guys who I'd never heard of before. 82 games over 3 seasons.
2011 Certified John Tavares - Not too bad for a guaranteed superstar.

Rookie Pack:

2010 UD Steve Reinprecht
2005 Rookie Class Ryan Miller - When this came out, I thought that this surely couldn't be guaranteed rookie card. It may say rookie class, but Miller's first cards were several years earlier.
2011 Pinnacle Josh Bailey - Not a rookie, but still a great photo.
2010 Pinnacle Justin Braun - I guess this is it. At least he's still in the league.

Goalie Pack

2011 SP Authentic Bill Ranford
1997 Pacific Tommy Salo - One card for the mask binder.
1991 Pro Set Kirk McLean
2011 BTP Adam Morrison - Two cards for the mask binder. That's all I ask from these goalie repack packs.

1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier Pack

Steve Kaspar
Brent Sutter
Brian Leetch
Pavel Bure (RC) - Well if you find a pack of 1992 Premier, there's really only one card you want to pull. And this is the one, the Pavel Bure rookie card is the chase card from this junk wax era set. A shame the centering is way off.
Adam Graves
Steve Duchesne
Barry Pederson - I had completely forgotten about his stint in Hartford. 5 games total. Amazingly, this wasn't his only Whalers card. He was also in Score as a Whaler.
Jimmy Carson - At least you get some great 75th anniversary uniforms out of this set.

Nice to bust an old repack favourite, and there was actually some pretty nice cards in it.

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