Monday, 17 March 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 15 - Part 1

100 cards, with a promised 3 vintage (aka 70's) cards. Let's bust the top half!
Testing my hypothesis of how much I'll enjoy a pack via the first card, pulling an oddball Robin Yount to start is definitely a good thing. Is the back of his hat red, or is my eyesight shot?
Mets content.
Blue Jays content.
Expos content. The Scott Ruskin back also wins the photo war handily on this side of the repack.
Who'd want to pull a star rookie card of some guy named Griffey when you can pull a career .193 hitter with a mouth full of chaw?
At least this one has the right Al Leiter.
Completely random Topps Traded card.
A nice shiny card. All visible gunk is courtesy of the fact I'm way too lazy to clean my scanner.
Not too bad of a rookie card to pull.
Although it probably qualifies as vintage in the eyes of Fairfield, I still got 3 other 70s cards as part of the repack's other half. This is my first card that perfectly highlights the Indians all-red uniforms in all their hideousness.
The only thing better than starting with one oddball card is wrapping up that half with two of them.


  1. I love buying repacks. It's always a great exercise in "what the h*11 is this"? That said, I wish I got more Younts in my repacks and fewer Twins.

  2. That "Golden Greats" Gibson is a pretty sweet repack pull.

  3. Am I the only guys who gets a 2002 minor league card of Todd Linden in literally every repack I purchase?