Friday 7 March 2014

Another Too Many Manninghams Trade - Part 3

How about some Delgado on this Friday?
Let's open with a first for my Delgado collection - my first Manupatch. As best I can tell via COMC, Delgado's only earned himself a pair of such patches throughout his career, this one and a USA Cap patch from his Mets days.
The second of the two hits and it is the best of both worlds. 2 of my collections in one card. A Delgado and a drawn card. Perfection, especially when it is mixed with a nice blue swatch.
And one nice sketch of Delgado deserves a second. So, here's a second Delgado, with a nice red frame as well.
If you like shiny, refractor-y cards, I got a nice trio of those as well.
And a trio of cards numbered to two and something.

All on their way into my Delgado binder. Thanks for this portion, and there is still two or three more posts left to go.

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  1. I tried to go with a nice mix between COMC and Justcommons. And really, who DOESN'T like Refractors?