Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Not quite dime-box goodies - Part 8

I planned to start with Heritage today, but, alas box availability was at a minimum, and I needed a box to start my sorting. So, I had to downsize my dime box stuff that I had yet to post from January, and do a logical post of some of the cards from there, since they were moving to a more compact box.

So, here's some 2000 Ultra!

Maybe it is just the cards I picked up, but Ultra really liked using photos featuring catches.
Even if this one appears to be potentially something for the blooper reel,
there were diving catches
jumping catches
and even run downs against the Wrigley ivy. And fact it, even if the guy is just standing there, the Wrigley ivy is always a great background in any card photo.
Since the backgrounds were done to match the team colours, you'd get a mishmash of a look there. Sometimes, they look kinda reserved and pleasant, such as on Vinny Castilla's. Other times, not so much, like on the Albert Belle. Pittsburgh's use of yellow as opposed to black is even more garish.
This one is already to the side for when I come across more Gabriel Landeskogs, Bourques or Dumonts to send off on their way to the clubhouse.
As bad as some of the backgrounds could be, at least the Gold Medallion parallels were pretty reserved this year. Compared to some years, at least. I love how the helmet appears to be perfectly balanced on Eric's head.
And to wrap it up, some more less than a dime CanCon. I don't think I had either a Gagne rookie or any card of Zimmerman in my collection, so they're always welcome additions.

Heritage tonight! Maybe. Unless something shiny distracts me.


  1. I liked the first few years of Fleer Ultra much better than this set.

  2. Ultra had some underrated releases in the late '90s and early 2000's, these included. That "balancing act" Eric Young is terrific.