Friday 28 March 2014

Chavez Trading

Even if your randomed team in a group break isn't one of your favourites, it is likely somebody else's. So, you can turn around and swap those hits.

So, when I got a couple Dodger autos, they got swapped out for some Mets and Jay goodness.
Mets plural. Jay singular. As in only one Jays card. But it is a nice shiny one. Or a Prizm-y. Or refractor-y. Or rainbow-y. Or whatever term they use for the Donruss cards.

But, Mets were the biggest part of this two-envelope trade.

As this Matt Harvey box topper was in the second envelope. So, yes, the Mets were the biggest part of this trade. Not only in terms of size of cards and number of cards.
Next up in Mets land, a former Met looks to turn two in a this yellow parallel.

To wrap it up, a pair of autos from a pair of Andrews.
Church struggled a bit in his A-ball debut. But, he was only 18, so I'll overlook an ERA of 5.91 to start his baseball career.
But this one is more interesting to me, as I love coming across autos and hits for guys who don't have many. And Andrew Brown surely qualifies. In fact, this Donruss appears to be the only certified one I can find for him.

Thanks for the trade, Chavez Ravining. I've put the /100 AGon mini aside for you until I can maybe find some more Dodger-y hits at the Expo.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! I will be going through EVERYTHING I have this weekend let you know if I run across anything interesting.