Friday, 1 November 2013

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you do both

November 1st means one thing for me. Time to hit the stores to pick up a bunch of Halloween candy at half off! That means a trip to Target and/or Walmart.

I did get enough candy do keep my various drawers, shelves and/or bowls filled until well into 2014, and celebrated with a trip to the card aisle. I behaved myself, picking up only a retail pack of 2013-14 Artifacts. No searching. No nothing. I just grabbed the top left pack.

And I beat the 1:48 odds and pulled a hit.

And it is a hit of a player that has been making headlines lately.

Unfortunately, these are the headlines he's been making.

Ouch. And that doesn't exactly look like Avalanche colours for the top swatch. Was there still a Capitals sweater sitting around the UD warehouse when they were making this card?

I guess this can go in the ol' mask binder.

As for the base, UD's collation gave me a bunch of guys whose names start with 'M'.

Matt, Mike, Mario, Mats and Michael. That's variety! I do like the design more than most Artifacts, since the background isn't totally washed out.

I still should have picked up a repack.

1 comment:

  1. one pack, one hit...that's pretty good to me. the fact that you found an open retail box that hadn't been searched is even more amazing than the odds of pulling that hit.