Monday, 18 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 11 - HH Box Break - Pack 8 of 12 (Auto #3)

Welcome to the 2/3 mark of the box. Time for more cards of guys that haven't had cards in sets for ages.

Buddy Bell - OK. Buddy has had cards recently from his managerial days. That still doesn't mean I won't say WOW when his card comes out.
Dennis Eckersley
Tony Gwynn
Paul Molitor
Mike Krukow - Now here's someone who hasn't had a card in ages. The last card COMC can find is from 1990.
Chipper Jones
Andrew McCutchen
Willie Wilson
Jody Davis
Josh Reddick
Ellis Burks
Pedro Martinez
Gerrit Cole
Skip Schumaker
Andres Galarraga - I would have rather seen him as an Expo, but this still works.
Mike Boddicker - Zip Code Parallel - I thought I'd only get one of these parallels in the box, but here's the second of this parallel. Mapquest does seem to feel it's relatively close to the stadium.
Mike Krukow - Auto - Wow. This is a guy who had no certified autos at all prior to this set, and I pull one. This is really, really cool. That said, as with the Parrish this morning, if a Giants fan wants this, and has a Mets/Jays auto from this or Archives, let me know!
Willie Wilson - City Hall Gold
David Ortiz - Defining Moments Black - This just looks beautiful with the colour of the diamond matching the border. It salutes his Game 4 home run.
Dickie Thon
Eric Davis
Robin Ventura
Frank Viola
Vinny Castilla - Another player who hasn't had a card since his playing days. I love this set!

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