Saturday, 23 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 17 - Raptorrific!

How about a trio of Raptors hits on Grey Cup Eve? Heck, by the time this post gets posted, they might even be leaders in the Atlantic Division!

I'd wanted an Acy autograph for a bit, to go alongside the relic I picked up at the previous Expo. This one will quit just fine. While it isn't the clearest auto in my collection, at least one can kinda sorta parse some of the letters in his name. While he isn't a superstar, he's fairly popular for a bench player.
This was a "one for me, one for you" purchase. One Jalen Rose solo hit is staying with me, namely this one, while the second should have arrived at a TMM by now for part of another trade.
Here we have another Rose relic, but I wanted this one for the other guy on the card? Worst draft pick in Raptors history? Probably. Much like the Ryan Fitzpatrick I grabbed off ebay not that long ago, this one can serve as a reminder to me never to get overconfident about any player changing things.

3 cards down - still two packs of Hometown Heroes and small box of cards to go through. Chances I'll do so by 2014? Unlikely.

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