Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Grey Cup Sunday football repack

I bought this a couple weeks back, seems like a good time to post this. 75 cards in a clear hanger. 1 pack of 2012 Topps and 63 random cards.
These were the 4 visible cards  I grabbed this for the Bledsoe, seeing as it would be yet another new addition to my 2/14 binder, along with 2 more Wolverines alums to send to TMM, and finally a delightful bit of insanity on the Fred Taylor card, although I have posted that one before from a previous repack.
As great and insane as the Taylor was, it wasn't my favourite photo of the bunch. It's really hard to compete with a great action shot such as this from Upper Deck. I just wish you had a slightly better view of Aaron Craver's face. I'm guessing it was some sort of variant of "This isn't go to feel good."
The Bledsoe wasn't the only 2/14 card in the pack, there was also this Lonnie Johnson. I'm certain I'm the only person on the planet that would give a fist pump when finding this card in a repack.
Most recent card among the loose ones was this one from last year.
The oldest was this well loved card from 1979. I still love coming across cards of punters, kickers and OL guys, especially since they are all but forgotten in today's releases.
My favourite design of the bunch were these. I love facsimile signatures on the card, as long they are legible within the design. Here, they are so these two win. Mind you, two other players and it might not end up like that.
Hey! It's an ESPN 30 for 30 guy!
Derek Anderson an icon? I guess when you got 2-13 for 23 yards, an interception, and a zero QB rating in the second half and still win the game, you're some sort of icon.
I saw there would be a couple Action Packed cards in the box - and here they are!
Here are the highlights of the Topps pack. A CFL alum, a tall boy and a nice rookie card of a good defensive name. I still have yet to pull a Bill from any pack of '12 Topps FB.
I was promised five rookie cards in the box. I thought these would be them after finding them on the first side...
Only to see these on the other side. I think these are the 5 in question since they tend to include some sort of variety in the rookies. Of this group, 4 of the 5 are still in the NFL. Sadly, the 5th, Adams, passed away in 2010 after a cardiac arrest.

Now that's a bummer of a way to wrap up a pretty fun repack. By the time this autoposts, I'll likely be shivering away with tens of thousands of people in Regina. Hopefully, things return to normal late Monday.

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