Sunday, 17 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 9 - Hometown Heroes Box Break - Pack 6 of 12

Halfway there! I showed some amazing control for this pack, as the first half was loaded with "Wow. He's got a card!" moments. I was tempted to scan pretty much everything.

Cleon Jones - A Met is a great start to the pack! I did grab the single of Cleon from last year's Golden Age, so it isn't my first Panini card of Cleon.
Matt Williams
Matt Harvey - 3 cards. 2 Mets. Albeit one we won't see again until 2015.
Teddy Higuera - Wow. A Teddy Higuera card in 2013. He hasn't had a base card in anything (I'm not counting the Leaf buyback stuff) since 1994. He's another guy who you'd think might make an appearance in Archives SPs, but no dice.
Jerome Walton - Much like Teddy, here's another person that hasn't been seen in the base of any product since the mid 1990s.
Juan Samuel
Vince Coleman
Paul O'Neill
Tim Salmon
Roger Clemens
Max Scherzer
Tom Brunansky
Oscar Gamble - I'm surprised they didn't use a 'fro shot of Oscar just so they wouldn't have to photoshop the helmet.
Gary Gaetti
Tony La Russa - Not only is there a subset devoted to managers, but there are also ones in the base set.
Evan Longoria
Chase Utley
Ozzie Smith - Nicknames - This subset is officially nuts. In a good way.
Andre Dawson - State Parallel - And this is the card that almost got me going on a geography rant. Not only do they just put a Maple Leaf instead of the outline that is on the US cards, they completely got the province wrong. Maybe the folks at Panini couldn't spare that cache for a set of fonts that included a 'Q'. I was able to bite my tongue while I opened this, because I'm sure I would have been banned from the Panini booth after the rant. And I would have missed out on the Jean auto.
Mike Hargrove - I think he's in here as a player, since the back refers to his Human Rain Delay antics. Although the photo looks more managerial.
Juan Pierre
Luis Gonzalez
Troy Tulowitzki
Fred McGriff - Start with a Met, end with a Blue Jay. Pack perfection!

6 to go, with two autos awaiting.

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