Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A mid-week 2*3 PWE

Nothing beats a surprise envelope from 2*3 showing up. Although I did send a slightly larger envelope his way post-Expo, I'll assume those two events are unrelated.

First up was a brand new Milan Hejduk for my 2-14 binder. It's nice and shiny, and will be a great addition to my binder. Milan just retired, and that means that aside from my card where he's playing in Europe during the lockout, all of his cards will be with the same Franchise. That's pretty unique!
And to wrap up a nice 6 card PWE, a quintet of cards for the mask binder. As best I can tell, that Legace is also my first CupQuest subset card, so there's also that.

Thanks for the PWE. I'll check for some random Sox/Hawks to return the favour.

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