Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 20 - HH Box Break - Pack 12 of 12

Let's wrap this box up.

Bucky Dent
Orel Hershiser
Billy Butler
Tino Martinez - And he's yet another guy with two cards among the base. I think there were three of them, all of whom for 1 of the 2 cards are Yankees. Tino. Bucky. Reggie. There are more second appearances among the SPs, but I didn't pull any of them.
Rick Aguilera
Wade Boggs
Willie Horton - Great 'stache. Again, this a "Wow. I'm pulling a card of him in a 2013 product" card.
Ryne Sandberg
Andre Thornton - Another Wow card.
Dylan Bundy
Ben Sheets
Jeff Bagwell
Ozzie Guillen
Dwayne Murphy - Another guy who I'm surprised to find. He's spent the last few tears coaching in Toronto, but retired after this past season.
Dusty Baker - Rivalry - If I was so inclined, and they had this product available at places like Just Commons, I'd probably get this whole subset. It's a great idea, and the colours work really well.when they match the team's.
Paul O'Neill - Sportdiscs
Shane Victorino - Nicknames - I thought the Flyin' Hawaiian was Chad Owens.
Dave Kingman - SP - This is the only base SP I pulled, since the Dawson was a State (err...provincial) parallel.
Ryne Sandberg - Curtain Call
Mark Lemke
Matt Moore
Jay Buhner - He's had recent cards, but he just seems like a guy that you'd think would have more.
Mark Rzepczynskji
Joe Girardi - I guess expected to see him as either a Cub or Yankee in this set. Either way, it is an interesting way to wrap up the box.

And here are the final totals for this box:

Total Base - 248 out of 260
SP - 1
Autographs - 3 (1 gold /25)
Homegrown Heroes - 2
Sportdiscs - 3
Calling The Shots - 1
Nicknames 3 (1 gold)
Defining Moments 4 (1 black)
City Hall - 4 (1 black)
Rivalry - 2
State Parallels - 7 (1 SP)
Zip Code Parallels - 2
Curtain Call - 6 (1 gold, 1 black)

Great collation on this with the only dupe being back-to-back Curtain Calls of Josh Hamilton, and those were parallels. The highlight for me was the Dykstra auto I pulled early on, but the other two (Lance Parrish and Mike Krukow) were pleasant surprises since neither had a lot of (or in the case of Krukow, any) certified autos out there. A lot of fun to break, especially if you're the type that's collected for a while, and want to see some familiar faces from the past when busting packs.

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  1. I'm so bummed that this is pack 12/12. It's been some fun reading and it has already provided a major blast to past with some the names that are in the set. Thanks for taking the time to post each pack. Those of us who don't have the funds certainly appreciated living vicariously through you during this break!