Friday, 29 November 2013

Another COMC Blaster (tm: Shoebox Legends)

Like any good collector I went a wee bit crazy over at COMC today, but I still think I behaved myself for the most part. I did get a couple PC cards, some trade bait, and did some nice damage to my set wantlist and Raptors frankenset.

But, since posting my shipping list would be boring, I'll instead post a small order that showed up earlier this month. A COMC blaster is basically that I spend the cost of a blaster at COMC. Simple!

First up was the one that sucked up most of the cost of the blaster. A sticker autograph of Gheorghe Muresan. The tallest player in NBA history is a member of the 2/14 club, and I'd been looking to add a hit of his for a bit. There's a choice of this, and at this point, not much else. I really like that he's added his number to the autograph. I'm sure if I were to rank my auto hits in the 2/14 binder, this one would probably be my favourite.
Why yes, this oddball of future Senator coach Paul MacLean is my second favourite in the break. It really does give the vibe of "free with package of sliced cheese". I'm more and more convinced he was born with that mustache.
I love cards that commemorate things I've seen in person. This isn't so much a commemoration card - more of "I was at this game" card. Bruce is celebrating  a safety. He teamed up with Phil Hansen to stop Barry Sanders for a safety, the only time in his career that happened. It broke a tie, and the Bills scored on their next possession to ice the game.
Another one bites the dust on my Every Raptor Ever project.
There was a seller that had a bunch of Leaf autographs for a dollar each. I grabbed the Pulsipher for my Mets collection. I grabbed the Thomas Howard because I liked his penmanship. I picked up Mark Grudzielanek because I just like saying Mark Grudzielanek. As for Don Slaught, I grabbed his because he seemed to be the only one not to use the nice space at the bottom of the card to sign his name.
I like the Riverdogs logo! What can I say?
I can't have enough cards of guys named Scooter.
Since I need a Delgado in every order, here's the one from this order.
Maybe if Paul Wilson threw like that, he'd have lasted longer in the Mets.
Since my hockey PC needed a card of the guy with the longest name in the NHL, here's a Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond for you.
And to wrap this up, here's a Gene Clines. I traded one of my two Clines cards, so I opted to pick this one up. He only lasted a season there, so I could have chosen between any of his 1976 issues if I wanted a non-airbrushed Clines, but I stayed with 1975 and got this one. Seriously, a glove on his head is far more interesting than anything that could have come from the 1976 set. It's also my first SSPC card! WOO-HOO!


  1. That Bruce Smith card is awesome! You've gotta love Stadium Club and the photography they used in their sets. That's pretty cool that you attended that game and remember that play.

  2. My Gheorghe Muresan player collection is my 2nd-largest PC for basketball cards. Until recently it was probably the 2nd-largest from all sports, but there are a couple of baseball players who have probably bypassed him by now.

    Nice to see a little Muresan love out here in the blogosphere.