Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 4 - Hometown Heroes Box Break - Pack 2 of 12

Admin stuff to start: Envelopes of varied sizes, plainness, colours and bubbleness will be on their way to these zip codes:


And now, the second pack. I'm not sure if I'll go straight through with the box, or will throw other cards/packs from the Expo.

Curt Schilling - I'm kind of surprised to see Curt is listed with Arizona. There is a second SP of him in the high numbers - it might be a Boston card. I know the Dawson base card was with Chicago, and is also in the SPs as being with Montreal.
Kent Hrbek
Cole Hamels
John Kruk - Kruk has made some appearances this year in GQ and A&G, so it wasn't as much as a surprise to see him in here.
Ian Kinsler
Pat Burrell
Frank Thomas
Tony Fernandez - This is another player who I'm really happy to see show up in the set. He made an appearance in Fan Favorites in the mid 00's, but this iconic Blue Jay hasn't shown up since then. He really seemed like the type that would be perfect for the SP of Archives. This is my first "Wow. He's in this set!" moment from this pack. I might as well highlight the backs. They keep to the hometown theme in the paragraph, focusing on both his hometown and his accomplishments.
Tino Martinez
Ryan Zimmerman
Glenn Davis - And this was the second. I guess including Glenn as an Oriole would be painful.
Darryl Strawberry - That looks far more like an edited Dodgers jersey as opposed to a Mets one.
Ron Darling - And another surprise appearance. Back-to-back Mets as well.
Kris Medlen
Will Clark - The ball on the base design couldn't be placed more perfectly.
Barry Larkin
Reggie Jackson - Curtain Call - There are black and gold parallels to these cards. For these at least, none are numbered so one can't really determine how tough this pull is.
Kevin Seitzer - State Parallel
City Hall - Frank Viola - The backs of these, and the Curtain Calls do focus more on accomplishments than their hometown.
Kevin Gausman
Kevin Seitzer
Jean Segura
Giancarlo Stanton
Jason Heyward

2 down. 10 left.

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