Monday, 18 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 10 - HH Box Break - Pack 7 of 12 (Auto #2)

Insomnia special!

Joe Carter  - Hard for me to complain about seeing a Joe Carter card as I open the pack.
Alex Rodriguez - I'm somewhat surprised to see him in the set as a Mariner. But a quick search of their checklist here is a second card in here where he's a Yankee. He does seem like a strange choice for having 2 cards in the set.
Tim Lincecum
Rick Dempsey
Mark Grace
Pete Rose
John Franco - Another pull I'm happy to make. I don't know if there are a lot of really great choices for retired Mets and Jays in this set, or it just seems that way. I mean, Cleon Jones? Lee Mazzilli? What's there not to love?
Joe Charboneau - An odd choice from a player to use a B&W photo of.
Denny McLain
Gorman Thomas - Another "Wow. He's in this set" card.
Lance Parrish
Bob Brenly - And another managerial card in the base set.
Jesse Barfield - That is so NOT a photoshopped Jays uniform.
George Brett
Garry Templeton -  Still yet another "Wow. He's in this set" card.
Dave Stieb - Lot's of Blue Jays love in this pack.
Lance Parrish Auto 1/25 - And here's my second auto. It's a nice one, and Lance isn't afraid to use all the space available for his auto. The /25 is nice to see on this gold parallel, but I find the Tina Turner story more interesting.

That said, this card is up for trade is someone out there has a Mets/Jays auto from this set, or something similar, such as Archines or Fan Favorites.
Jean Segura - State Parallel
David Freese - Defining Moments - Freese Fame? *groan*
Miguel Cabrera
Garrett Jones
Yovani Gallardo
Davey Lopes - Now there's a mustache you can set your watch to. TM (paraphrased): Abe Simspon
Jake Peavy

Best pack so far? Probably. Lots of cards from my favourite teams and a really great autograph. Only negative is the horrible pun on the Freese.


  1. Really strange the double card for Alex Rodriguez. Is there some obscure intention we don't know?